Bridge Cranes And Employee Safety

Bridge cranes are powerful, efficient, and a must-have in many warehouses. That being said, it is up to owners to make sure that employees are up to speed on safety procedures, that equipment is used properly, and that machines are maintained. While bridge crane manufacturers sell functionality and utility when delivering a product, even the best built crane will not do a company warehouse any good without these three precautionary factors.

1. Staff Training With New Equipment

As an owner of industrial equipment, one must make sure their staff undergoes proper training, and knows how to use equipment correctly from day one. Owners should see if overhead bridge crane manufacturers can come and offer specialized training on all features and proper use of the bridge crane. Thinking safety features are built in, employees may discredit external factors such as equipment location and loading safety. This can lead to workplace accidents and loss of profit. Training on sensors and transmitters that are built into most cranes to protect the workplace must also be handled properly.

2. Overall Safety Features

As a warehouse manager, understanding all safety features of large overhead equipment is key. It is important to partner with the manufacturer at the end of a purchase to have them run through all safety features and precautions that are installed with the equipment. Making sure that your staff has full understanding of features is important for both employee and warehouse safety. While there are built in safety features, employees should have an understanding of how the crane was installed and how to secure loads.

3. Schedule Proper Maintenance

When a new piece of machinery is purchased, maintenance should be discussed and planned for. Owners should work with manufacturers to see if there is a maintenance plan that comes along with equipment. If not, any recommendations that manufacturers have should be pursued and set up for regular maintenance More than just having an owners manual around, daily checklists and quarterly inspections can safeguard equipment that needs to be adjusted and fixed.

Since overhead cranes can have different features and specs, it is up to the company purchasing an overhead bridge crane to collaborate with the manufacturer when purchasing. Proper maintenance procedures, training, and safety measures are all needed so that companies can ensure the best use of equipment and employee protection. When sourcing an overhead bridge for your company, make sure that these factors are incorporated into the purchase of your industrial crane. Check out sites like for more information.