How To Properly Install Transformers

When it is time to replace the pole-mounted transformer, you will need to install the new transformer properly to make sure that it is not damaged. The transformer needs to be handled properly because there is oil inside it that can develop air bubbles. While the transformer is highly durable and is able to handle adverse weather conditions, some care is still needed to remain safe and install the transformer correctly.

The Initial Inspection

When you receive a pole-mounted transformer, you should immediately inspect it to make sure that there is no damage. Make sure that there are no loose parts. If there is any damage that is noticed, you should contact your supplier for assistance and you may need to have the transformer replaced. The transformer is sealed carefully to ensure that it remains clean and dry. Therefore, you should avoid breaking the seal in order to inspect the transformer. If you do need to break the seal, extreme care needs to be taken to make sure that the transformer is properly sealed afterward. 

Moving The Transformer

When moving the transformer, make sure to only lift it using the lifting lugs. The transformer always needs to be kept upright rather than placing it on its side. If the transformer is placed on its side, this can increase the risk that air bubbles will form and affect the performance of the transformer. 

Adding Oil And Reapplying The Seal

It may be necessary to replace or add oil to the transformer. If so, make sure to use clean and dry oil that has a dielectric strength that is at least above 30 KV. Before replacing the oil, leave the transformer in the room to provide time for the temperature of the transformer to reach the equilibrium of the room temperature. Otherwise, there will be a risk that the transformer will be contaminated by moisture. When it is time to reseal the transformer, remember to pressure test with dry air in order to determine if all the seals are tight after the removal of the pressure relief valve. 

Determining Which Connections Can Be Used

The transformer is able to only make certain connections that are shown on the nameplate. Make sure that the connections remain in place when voltage is being applied to the transformer. The transformer needs to be grounded using a ground connector or a tapped pad in order to protect against power surges.