Getting The Most Out Of Your Skid Steer Loader

There are many brand name skid steer loaders on the market but aside from horsepower or options, they are all very similar. The idea behind these compact loaders is that the loader turns using a brake system much like a bulldozer, giving it the ability to pivot in a circle without moving to the front or back of the machine. They are agile tractors with a variety of uses and attachments.

Finding Attachments

The versatility of the skid steer loader is nearly unlimited. These petite machines have so many different attachments available that you can buy one and add the tools you need without having to purchase another machine for the job. If you are looking for attachment options, you can talk to the dealer about what will fit and what they offer but keep in mind, there are many third-party options for attachments as well. A quick look online and you will find things for your skid steer that you may never have imagined where available.

Around The Farm

A skid steer around a farm is a great option. It can be used to clean up stalls in a barn with the bucket, move bales with a bale spike, till small pieces of land with a tiller attachments, dig fence post holes with a power auger, and even move snow in the winter with a snowblower attachment. There are probably a hundred other ways for these machines to be used on a small farm as well.

On The Job Site

These machines are a common site on job sites because they offer so many options and tools. The bucket is, of course, handy for moving materials like sand, soil, and gravel but you can get a pallet fork, roller, power auger, post pounder, and even power brooms that would be very useful. There are ditching attachments that allow you to quickly dig a trench for power lines or pipes, a small backhoe, a land leveler, and rock grapples as well. If you are in the construction business, a skid steer could really make a difference for your business.

Clearing Land and Forestry Work

The skid steer you already own can be a great asset for land clearing as well. One of the tools that you might not have seen is the brush hog mower that can be attached to the front of these loaders. It will make short work of that long grass and brush around your property.  If you are cutting trees down to clear some areas, a log grapple and stump grinder are available for your skid steer. The list of options is so long that you could use your loader for tasks that you haven't even considered yet.

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