3 Advantages Of The Versalift Forklift

Most people assume that pretty much all forklifts are the same, but there are actually quite a few different versions. The Versalift is a specific type of forklift that is created for heavy-duty use, and these machines are truly something to admire. If you are considering investing in a forklift for your construction business, it is well worth looking into these heavy-duty machines. Here is a look at some of the advantages of the Versalift forklift. 

You can pick up loads that have a greater capacity 

Versalift forklifts are primarily used in the construction industry, and it is for good reason. These forklifts have the ability to lift insane amounts of weight, so they can easily maneuver a piece of equipment that is larger than the forklift itself. If a piece of heavy equipment has to be loaded onto a hauling trailer or repositioned because it is immobile, the Versalift can make these transitions far easier to achieve. The design of these heavy-duty forklifts makes them genuine powerhouses that can handle greater capacity lifts without compromising the stability of the machine or putting the driver at risk. 

Loads can be lifted higher than with a regular forklift

Because of the extended setup and design of the Versalift forklift's main chassis, the vehicle is far more stable than a usual forklift is when it is carrying a load. The load is held out away from the forklift itself, which means you can lift something higher and still maintain steady balance in the operating vehicle due to a changed center of gravity. When a regular forklift would be prone to turning over if a lift were up too high, the Versalift will not do the same; it will stand sturdy and firm while the load is lifted far above the height of the forklift. 

Move loads forward and back with a telescoping boom

The ability to move loads in a forward and backward position without actually moving the forklift is super helpful, especially if you are carrying a large load that has to be maneuvered into a precise placement on a job site. The Versalift forklift has a telescoping boom that moves horizontally forward and backward with the push of a control inside. While regular forks on a traditional forklift can move horizontally to a short degree, the booms on the Versalift have far more range of motion in a horizontal direction. 

You can find versalift rentals in your area to see the wonder for yourself.