When Should You Get A New Forklift?

A forklift is an important piece of machinery that can play a huge role in your business place regarding productivity, efficiency, and employee safety. You can learn more here about some signs that you should get a new forklift for your business:

Your forklift is experiencing a rise in repair issues

You can expect to have some repair issues come up with your machinery. There may be an occasional belt to replace or some other issue. However, a problem comes when your machinery, such as your forklift, starts to need repairs more frequently. Also, when the forklift's repairs are beginning to be more serious and cost more money, then this can be a serious issue as well. Not only because you will be incurring higher repair bills and dealing with having a forklift that's temporarily out of commission, but also because it will become unreliable. This is why you may want to consider getting a new forklift once you start to see these issues become more commonplace. 

Your forklift works in extreme conditions

There is an estimated lifespan for forklifts. However, this lifespan is for forklifts that work under average conditions. So, if yours is working in extreme temperatures, then you may not want to count on it to last as many hours. Other things that can cause the forklift to have a shorter lifespan include things like it being regularly subjected to corrosives and having it in use for back-to-back shifts regularly. Of course, neglecting to have it serviced regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendations can also be a big factor in how long it lasts. If you know you are overworking your forklift or using it in extreme conditions, plan on getting a new one sooner than you would otherwise have to. 

Your forklift is lacking some newer technology you want

Just as with vehicles, the technology in forklifts improves with the newer models. If you feel you are working with a forklift that's now behind the times and you want one with some of those newer technological advancements, then this may be a good time to replace your older model with a new forklift.

You should try to time the replacement of your forklift so you don't end up without one for any length of time. Otherwise, you can find your business ends up falling behind in productivity because your employees will need to work around not having the forklift to use.

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